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Terms of Reference EPPSI

EPPSI is a not-for profit body. Find out more Download the EPPSI Terms of Reference The purpose of the European Pilot Peer Support Initiative (EPPSI) is to: facilitate communication between stakeholders and interested parties engaged or planning to get engaged in Peer Support Programmes (PSP); exchange of best practices in running and setting up PSP […]

Workshop 2018

European Pilot Peer Support Initiative (EPPSI) – PEER SUPPORT: GETTING IT RIGHT The European Pilot Peer Support Initiative have organised a 2-day workshop on aircrew peer support and how to get it functioning effectively. Keynote speakers come from Airlines, Pilot Associations, The Regulators, Peer Support Providers and Mental Health organizations and will share with you their […]

Save the date: 20-21 June, Frankfurt

Save the date for the upcoming EPPSI Workshop:  20 – 21 June 2018, Frankfurt   Agenda Highlights: • What Peer Support System for my organisation? • Selection, Training & Currency of Peers • Peer Support, SMS and Oversight.  

Peer support: Managing the expectations

With the provisions of EASA ‘Rule Making Task.0700’(RMT.0700) about to find their way into EU legislation sometime this year, operators, regulators and other stakeholders will face a number of challenges, especially when it comes to proper implementation of the provisions related to Pilot Support, especially Peer Support. The currently anticipated deadline for implementation of 24 […]

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“The independence of our Foundation helps a lot as it makes pilots trust the programme.”

Gerhard Fahnenbruck, Mayday Foundation Mayday Foundation

“Trust is really the main issue: Trust from the pilot, trust from the company and trust from the regulator. We need the buy-in of all those three parties.”

Tanja Harter, IFALPA Tanja Harter, IFALPA

“We need a shift in mentality: you are not ‘grassing up’ a colleague but helping, when referring him or her to the programme.”

Dave Fielding, BALPA Dave Fielding, BALPA

“What is in it for an employer? Getting help to people before their individual point of crisis is reached, where they would be going long-time sick. This was previously was the point we first heard about it”

Charlie Maunder, British Airways Charlie Maunder, British Airways

“EPPSI is a platform to exchange and promote best PSP practices among stakeholders – so please join!”

Paul Reuter Paul Reuter, EPPSI Chairman

“EASA is very much in favour of initiatives like EPPSI, as we believe in safety promotion initiatives by stakeholders.”

Julia Egerer, EASA Julia Egerer, EASA


Peer Support Programmes (PSP) have proven successful in identifying pilots that need help, treating them and, where possible, bringing them back to the flight deck. While today’s PSP cover substance abuse issues (mainly alcohol dependency) as well as training, performance and work-stress related issues and personal / grief / family problems, there is a need to further extend them to mental health issues. This is to provide help to those who have difficulties dealing with the increasing psycho-social stresses they are exposed to in their working and personal environment.


In early 2016, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) suggested to make PSP mandatory across Europe to ensure they are available in each and every company and every EU Member State, building on best practices from existing programmes.

This is why ESAM, ECA, EAAP and Mayday Foundation set up the European Pilot Peer Support Initiative – EPPSI – to exchange & promote best practices and to facilitate communication between stakeholders engaged in or planning to engage in PSP.

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EPPSI Launch Seminar Presentations


The EPPSI Launch Seminar took place on 2 Feb 2017 in Frankfurt. The presentations & pictures of the speakers are available now online. 

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