EPPSI Launch Seminar

2 Feb 2017, Frankfurt

Who attended?

  • Airline operators
  • Airline associations
  • PSP organisers
  • Pilots
  • Aviation Psychologists & Psychiatrists
  • Aeromedical experts (AMEs, consultants)
  • Aviation authorities

Agenda highlights

Future EU rules on Peer Support

Looking at EASA’s Opinion 14/2016 & Peer Support

Industry Best Practice on PSP

Key Elements of PSP and how PSP work around the globe

The role of aeromedical experts & aviation psychologists in PSP

How to address mental & physical fitness inside a PSP – with the help of experts

Download agenda

European Pilot Peer Support Initiative – EPPSI – invites you to discuss Peer Support Programmes

“The independence of our Foundation helps a lot as it makes pilots trust the programme.”

Gerhard Fahnenbruck, Mayday Foundation Mayday Foundation

“Trust is really the main issue: Trust from the pilot, trust from the company and trust from the regulator. We need the buy-in of all those three parties.”

Tanja Harter, IFALPA Tanja Harter, IFALPA

“We need a shift in mentality: you are not ‘grassing up’ a colleague but helping, when referring him or her to the programme.”

Dave Fielding, BALPA Dave Fielding, BALPA

“What is in it for an employer? Getting help to people before their individual point of crisis is reached, where they would be going long-time sick. This was previously was the point we first heard about it”

Charlie Maunder, British Airways Charlie Maunder, British Airways

“EPPSI is a platform to exchange and promote best PSP practices among stakeholders – so please join!”

Paul Reuter Paul Reuter, EPPSI Chairman

“EASA is very much in favour of initiatives like EPPSI, as we believe in safety promotion initiatives by stakeholders.”

Julia Egerer, EASA Julia Egerer, EASA