Terms of Reference EPPSI

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EPPSI is a not-for profit body. Find out more

Download the EPPSI Terms of Reference

The purpose of the European Pilot Peer Support Initiative (EPPSI) is to:

  • facilitate communication between stakeholders and interested parties engaged or planning to get engaged in Peer Support Programmes (PSP);
  • exchange of best practices in running and setting up PSP in aviation;
  • promote best practices, advice and information on PSP and to thereby further optimize flight crew physical and mental fitness during a lifelong career.


Meet the EPPSI Founding Board Members

2 thoughts on “Terms of Reference EPPSI

  1. Building the EPPSI is an excellent idea!
    I believe we will ALL benefit a lot from improving communication between the stakeholders
    and offering pilots a “safe haven” to tackle their issues.
    Many thanks to all who have worked on it so far!

  2. Great initiatives.
    It may be helpful to have a look at the Qantas Pilot Assistance Network [Caring for the well-being of Qantas pilots and their families], equally funded by Qantas and the Australian and International Pilots Association. Program established in 1990. Recent 25 year celebration.
    There is information on the website and contact details for national and state coordinators; panaircrew.org

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