Workshop 2018

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European Pilot Peer Support Initiative (EPPSI) – PEER SUPPORT: GETTING IT RIGHT

The European Pilot Peer Support Initiative have organised a 2-day workshop on aircrew peer support and how to get it functioning effectively.

Keynote speakers come from Airlines, Pilot Associations, The Regulators, Peer Support Providers and Mental Health organizations and will share with you their broad experience with peer support programs and their successful implementation.

The program will also offer time for answering and discussing questions you may have about the challenges of creating trust and the practical implementation of a peer support program suited to your own organisation.




Day 1

WORKSHOP 1 – Which PSP is right for my Organisation?

This workshop will include presentations by different peer support providers and operators, followed by a round table Q&A

WORKSHOP 2 – The relationship between PSP Stakeholders, Safety Management and Oversight

On the importance of trustful relationships between stakeholders for peer support to function, including the views of airlines, pilot associations and authorities


Day 2

WORKSHOP 3 – Recruitment and Training 

How do I recruit, train and support my peers? How do I train the management?

Presentations given during the workshop will be available on the EPPSI website soon after the event

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