Workshop 2018

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European Pilot Peer Support Initiative (EPPSI) – PEER SUPPORT: GETTING IT RIGHT

The European Pilot Peer Support Initiative have organised a 2-day workshop on aircrew peer support and how to get it functioning effectively.

Keynote speakers come from Airlines, Pilot Associations, The Regulators, Peer Support Providers and Mental Health organizations and will share with you their broad experience with peer support programs and their successful implementation.

The program will also offer time for answering and discussing questions you may have about the challenges of creating trust and the practical implementation of a peer support program suited to your own organisation.




0900Registration and Coffee
1000Introduction and WelcomeCapt. Paul Reuter
1010Management TestimonialTBC
WORKSHOP 1 – Which PSP is right for my Organisation?
1030Model 1 (Stiftung Mayday – Foundation based)Capt. Dr. Gerhard Fahnenbruck
1045Model 2 (British Airways – Company based)Capt. Dave Fielding
1100Model 3 (Air France – Evolutionary)Capt. Arnaud de Gabriac

Capt. Hervé Fournerat

– Air France

1115Model 4 (Norwegian)Capt. Stein Arne Lien


1200View from Management – British AirwaysCapt. Charlie Maunder
1225Workshop 1 Round TableModerator: Dr. Kevin Herbert
1415Summary of Workshop 1Capt. Paul Reuter
1425Pilot TestimonialCapt Ian Russell

– British Airways

(interviewed by Dave Fielding)

WORKSHOP 2 – The Relationship between PSPs and Key Stakeholders
1440View from EASAJulia Egerer

Senior Expert -Air Operations EASA

1500New Scenarios for Peer Support?Dssa. Francesca Bartoccini

Capt. Enrico Piazza

– Air Dolomiti

1520PSPs from a Medical PerspectiveDr. Ries Simons
1540Engaging with different AOCsAedrian Bekker
1630Workshop 2 Round TableModerator: Capt. Paul Reuter



Thursday 21st June
0900Summary of Day 1Capt. Paul Reuter
0910View from Management – TUIFlyCapt. Cesar Holzem
WORKSHOP 3 – Recruitment, Training and how PSPs work in practice
0940How to recruit and train the right peopleCapt. Dr. Gerhard Fahnenbruck

Prof. Robert Bor

1100 View from the Coal FaceSFO Andrew Forbes

– British Airways

1130Peer Support at Cargolux: A Joint EffortGunnar Steinhardt

Capt. George Karambilas

1200Workshop 3 Round TableModerator: Dr. André Droog
1245Summary and CloseCapt. Paul Reuter